So, all I can say is BULLETPROOF COFFEE!!! I LOVE YOU!! I only had 1 cup of the sweet, sweet, nectar this morning and SHIT- I didn’t feel the least bit hungry until about 1:30pm and I had my coffee at 7:30am!!! My energy levels were mid-range all day and I felt pretty good 🙂 Which for someone without a thyroid ROCKS!!!

Mood- not bad, no real irritations today… BIG TIME BONUS
Mind Clarity- Not terrible, its been worse, still a bit foggy
Energy- moderate

7:30am 1 cup of bulletproof coffee
1:30pm ish 1 1/2 cups sweet potato with honey caramelized pecans… MMMMMMMM
4:00pm ish 3 clementines
8:00pm ish beef stew primal style

Lots and lots of water!! and a few cups of tea 🙂

It’s 10pm now and I still feel good 🙂 Overall, I am very satisfied with how Day 1 has gone.

Day Zero Summary:
Mood- okay, not too irritable
Energy- low
Mind clarity- low/ foggy

I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings! Oh yeah, and I say FUCK YOU CANCER 🙂