Hello All 🙂

I am excited to say that day 2 is rounding out and it’s getting close to my bedtime!  Today was an interesting day.  Why?  Well, I will tell you why- for 1 I drank my BULLETPROOF coffee again this morning and I never really felt hungry.  I did eat at about 1pm (mashed sweet potatoes and honey glazed pecans) but I don’t feel like I ate because I was hungry per say.  I think I ate because I was in a SUPPER brain fog situation.  It was weird to not feel hungry but know that I would have a clearer mind if I ate.

Today I felt tired and out of it most of the day- which is actually pretty normal for me these days… so, don’t go trying to blame the experiment on it just yet.

Energy- good in the morning, lowered progressively throughout the day

Mind clarity- foggy most of the day

Overall, I don’t really feel any different as of yet.

Tomorrow is another day!  The countdown continues!!!!  Wish me luck!

Breakfast- Bulletproof Coffee

1pm ish about 1 1/2 cups mashed sweet potatoes and honey glazed pecans

4pm ish 3 clementines

8pm ish Coconut Chicken Curry over Spaghetti Squash…  MMMM  I surprised myself again with how tasty it was!  I might just have to start adding in my recipes!

Until tomorrow, God bless and goodnight