I can’t believe it’s already been 3 days!

A few things to note about today:

I was much more hungry today than the past 2 days- I ate when I got hungry but I ate more

My plumbing seems to be backed up… easiest way to say it 😉

I felt pretty tired today and foggy

I was more productive today but I think it was because today was the last day I had to get shit done before my days off

I had my bulletproof coffee this morning but the satisfied feeling didn’t last as long

Today I had:

1 cup of bulletproof coffee at about 8am

1 small package of fresh blueberries at about 11:30am

my mashed sweet potato and honey glazed pecans at about 12:30pm and about 5pm

3 clementines at about 3pm

left over coconut chicken curry over spaghetti squash at about 7:30pm, a small bowl of salad greens with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and 2 more clementines

How do I feel right now:

tired and ready for bed

I drank lots of teas and water today- good 🙂

Energy- low

Mood- okay, not irritable

Mental clarity- foggy/low most of the day- morning was pretty clear, mid-afternoon foggy into early evening, now I feel pretty clear just tired.

Overall, today was a good day.  I think my body is flushing all of the bad shit out and hanging on to the good shit- hence backed up pipes 😦  From everything I have read thus far this is normal.  Most people have noted that they have felt tired and have had constipation issues the first week or 2, but, once you get passed that you feel amazing!  The experiment continues!

As always, I say FUCK YOU CANCER!  Trust in God and have faith in His plan 🙂