So, it’s the end of day 4 already!  Time is flying bye- which is a bit surprising.

Today was an interesting day because it was my company Christmas party.  I knew I would have to prepare myself for the fact that I probably would not be eating at the party.  I set myself up for success by eating before I went- brilliant I know 🙂

I woke up at about 9am- my DAY OFF YAY!- had my morning cup of bulletproof coffee and realized that I forgot to add the cinnamon to my coffee yesterday.  I didn’t feel hungry today, which, was quit different than yesterday.  The only thing I can conclude thus far is that the one day I didn’t add cinnamon to my coffee I was super hungry the whole day.

I ate some leftover “primal beef stew” at about 2pm but only because I knew I needed to eat before the big shindig.  At about 3pm I shoveled in a few bites- probably about 1 cup- of leftover coconut chicken curry and spaghetti squash.

I didn’t get hungry at the party at all 🙂  Dinner was served at the party at about 6pm and then we went to the Point Defiance Zoo for Zoo Lights!  It was so beautiful!  After all of that excitement I just got home.  I ate 3 clementines because they sounded good but I am not hungry.  I am so surprised at how not hungry I have been.

Oh, and good news!  My plumbing is back on track today!  YAY 🙂

Energy- good! not amazing but good

Mood- good- no irritation or mood swings to note

Mental Clarity- good- I don’t feel like I was in a fog like I have been… AWESOME!

Overall, today was a great day!  I had a ton of fun at the party and Zoo Lights.  I didn’t drink as much tea and water as I should have, but, not bad.  Today was also a test of willpower… AND I PASSED!

As always, I say FUCK YOU CANCER!  When in doubt ask God 🙂  Happy Holidays