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What I am most interested in right now is the difference between the Paleo Diet and the Primal Diet.  Lets dive deeper!

According to

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“possible to reprogram your genes to avoid certain modern diseases such as type-2 diabetes, arthritis or cancer.”  We know that type 2 diabetes is reversible and 100% preventable- this is true.  I am not sure about the idea of “reprogramming” my genes- that just doesn’t sound possible, but, I am not a scientist or Dr.

“Around 10,000 years ago, humans ate the animals, insects and plants available in their geographic area to get the protein, fats, carbohydrates and nutrients needed to sustain life.”  I find this statement interesting.  Yes, of course they ate what was in their region- they had no other choice.  If the primal diet is all about eating like they did then I would think we would have to only eat stuff that is from our local region.  What region do we chose then?  This may sound like a dumb question, however, ancient peoples didn’t move across the world and start a new family.  They stayed in their regions for generations.  Would it be better to eat from the region our genetic lines came from?  Or, eat from the region we live in now?  I would think if we are trying to “reprogram” our genes it would have to be from our genetic region.  They do go into changing this to modern times- I was just voicing my initial thoughts 🙂

“To translate this method to a modern-day diet, the Primal eating plan recommends focusing on quality sources of animal protein, colorful vegetables, select fruits and healthy fats. Get rid of grains, sugar and unhealthful fats in the form of trans and hydrogenated fats, and observe proper portion sizes.”   I wonder why we would get rid of grains and sugar- granted I think they are very unhealthy.  I just don’t really know how ancient peoples had coconut oil but not wheat?  I find this concept interesting.

I have more research to do!