Day 6 is coming to an end 🙂

Today was such a fun day.  I went to my friends Christmas party and played Pictionary- SO much FUN 🙂  The food looked amazing and I was able to eat most of it.  She even made me crab stuffed mushrooms Paleo style.

This morning when I woke up it was hard to wake up.  I was tired most of the day and didn’t feel like working or doing much of anything productive- no bueno 😦  I need to pull my shit together and get some work done!  I don’t think the lack of motivation has much to do with my diet but more with the fact it gets dark at 4pm.  When it gets dark so early it zaps my motivation and energy.  I take high levels of vitamin D and calcium due to no parathyroids remaining.  I also have been taking my multivitamins so I don’t think it’s lack of vitamins.  A big thing that would probably give me more energy would be if I worked out and did yoga like I am supposed to be doing for this experiment.  I need to make myself just jump back into yoga and get it done!

I can’t really log my food today because I kind of grazed all day.  I never felt hungry but I did eat some leftover chili, strawberries, 1 clementine, some cherry tomatoes, some baby carrots, some black olives, some green olives (may or may not have been 100% Primal), crab stuffed mushrooms, cucumber slices, small side salad with garlic olive oil, some banana bread crumble, some ham cubes (these were probably not 100% Primal because they may have been cured using sugar).  Overall, I think I did a great job sticking to my experiment!  I feel totally satisfied.

I haven’t noticed my clothes fitting any differently- bummer.  But, I am only 6 days in to this.  I am wondering if I am eating to many fruits though and banana bread crumble.  I have noticed that I feel like I have cheated when I eat the banana bread crumble because it is so much like bread that I can’t eat on the experiment.  I now understand why some people say not to eat anything that even mimics the Not Allowed foods- when I do it is almost like a trigger to want the not allowed shit.

Energy- low

Mood- good

Mental Clarity- ok, not great, just ok

Tomorrow night is my boyfriends company Christmas party.  This one might be kind of tough because every year the owners send him an email forwarded from the caterers saying that nothing has eggs- I’m hugely allergic to eggs.  So, I know that everything I see I can eat without dying!  Both good news and bad news- it means it will be harder to not eat the bad shit!  I can do it 🙂  Wish me luck!

On to another day!  As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!  Praise God for the good things in your life and thank Him everyday!