Hello All,

It is the end of day 8!  I was much more productive today- bonus 🙂  My energy levels were better than yesterday but still not great.  I am wondering if I am PMSing this week which makes me much more tired.  I say wonder instead of know because I have not had a cycle since June 2nd.  I have been spotting everyday since 😦 Grrrr!  And DUH I’ve been to the Dr about it but we haven’t been able to fix the issue as of yet.  Thyroid cancer fucks up your body!  The down side is I still PMS every month! That’s shit if you ask me.

So, about today- hmmm, I recall being quite foggy, a bit tired, and not very hungry.  I was a bit hungry on the way to work but I think it was partly to do with the fact I hadn’t had much water yet.  I am not wiped out at the moment and one thing I forgot was my multivitamin today.  I wasn’t taking a multivitamin up until this experiment, so, I am wondering if my multi isn’t the right one for me and isn’t helping the situation.  In retrospect I should have done a more controlled experiment and added in the vitamin later.  My watch seems a bit tighter today but I think my arms have gone down in overall size- bonus!

Overall, I don’t really feel any different than I did prior to starting this experiment.  I have just started week 2 and I am interested to see if at the end of this week I am singing a different song.  i have been tempted to weigh myself but I haven’t.  I have also noticed myself thinking about things like nachos, ice cream, fried chicken, pasta, etc… yesterday and today.  I wonder if that has to do with my body going through some sort of withdraws from wheat, dairy, gluten, and sugar.  I did chew a piece of gum today and I thought to myself “hmmm I bet this isn’t Paleo/Primal”.  It is truly difficult to think about every little thing that may not be in the good to go category.

Energy- low but better than yesterday

Mood- still kind of irritable but better than yesterday

Mental Clarity- foggy but it’s been worse

Oh, and I am super proud of myself because I did not have a dinner plan and I was tired and hungry… but I still toughed it out and made some sort of homemade ground beef, mushroom, black olive, curry over spaghetti squash.  I am a RockStar!

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!  Bring God into your heart, mind, and soul, and you will find peace like never before.