Hello All,

So, today marks the official over the hump day- I’ve passed the half way point!

I felt like shit this morning when I got to work at 11 am. I felt kind of sick to my stomach. I ate at about 12:30 and it passed shortly after. Mid morning and day I was tired, felt like shit, and in a fog. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that it is my day off, but, I had to work because we were having a private sale. My body was saying fuck you I know I am supposed to be off today. I also had a touch of the runs today 😦 TMI I know.

For lunch I finished off my chicken chili. Later in the day the company provided some snacks for the private sale, so, I ate some fresh fruits and veggies accompanied by some processed salami and prosciutto. When I got home I ate a few bites of my cranberry orange chicken that I made last night- this turned out really well! My boyfriend ate some teriyaki chicken and white rice for lunch and he later told me that it made him unbelievably tired! He has not been eating 100% primal or paleo but he does eat what I cook and what I buy at the store. My boyfriend is the kind of guy that hates veggies, wont eat fruit or berries, and could live off of beef jerky and string cheese. I wish he would invest more into his own nutritional health, but, he doesn’t have a weight problem or energy problem so he doesn’t really see the need to. He also goes all day without eating anything but 2 string cheeses, coffee, and maybe an energy drink. I find this interesting. I would not be able to function if I ate like he did.

Energy- low most of the day

Mood- irritable

Mental Clarity- Low through parts of the day

Overall, I think my biggest draw back with today was the fact that I had to work and it had been a long week as it was. I am not overly tired at the moment- that’s good. Tomorrow will be a day to get ready for Christmas!

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!! Listen to what God is trying to tell you- I promise it will make life a lot easier if you do 🙂