Hello All,

So, day 12 is coming to an end.  I got to spend some quality time with a wonderful friend today shopping 🙂  I don’t really have much to report today.  I woke up at about 9am, had my coffee, and headed out at about 11:30am.  I didn’t get home until about 4:30pm after shopping and going to the grocery store.  I bought a boneless leg of lamb today.  Farm raised and grass fed!  I need to figure out a great way to cook it.  I have never cooked leg of lamb, so, this should be interesting.  I had an awesome salad for lunch/dinner with fresh uncured bacon, shrimp sauteed in the bacon fat, avocado, cherry tomato, cucumber, romaine lettuce, black olives, red wine vinegar, fresh lemon juice, black pepper, and I think that’s all 🙂  It was awesome!  I have not drank enough water today.  I have found that I don’t drink enough water and tea when I am not at work.  This is something that should be easy to fix.  I have still not been to yoga or done any exercising thus far.  I just need to make it happen in my mind so that it will actually happen.  I felt so much better when I was doing warm yoga 3x a week.  I ate 2 kiwi fruit and some blueberries later in the day as a little treat- MMMmmmm.

Energy- ok, not great but not terrible either

Mood- pretty good, got a little irritable when I couldn’t (and still can’t) find my hot glue gun

Mental Clarity- pretty good, midday pretty low but I think I waited to long to eat

Overall, today was a pretty good day.  I didn’t get as much stuff done today as I would have liked but I did put a good dent into my Christmas gifts.  Something interesting to note is that I haven’t been eating anywhere close to what I was eating before.  What does this mean?  This means that the food is more expensive, yes, but I am eating only a fraction of what I was= even exchange and I don’t have to re-work the budget!  AWESOME 🙂

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!  God is amazing.  Take the time to honor Him and remember what the meaning of Christmas really is.