Hello All,

Wow, it’s already day 13.  I only have a week and 1 day left!  It doesn’t seem long enough.  I feel like I have just started to get the hang of this process.  I am getting pretty good at cooking dinners without a recipe or plan of action.  This approach works best for me because I don’t have to put too much thought and effort into it.

Tonight I was all alone for dinner and my evening- which never happens.  My boyfriend spent the day up North with a longtime family friend which left me to figure out what I was going to do with my night.  The interesting part of this is the fact that even though he isn’t doing this challenge with me he still eats what I make every night.  So, every night when I make dinner I take his likes into consideration and tonight I could make whatever I wanted.  I wanted sushi!  I wanted it soooo bad!  But, I just didn’t have it in me to make sub-par sushi.  This would just leave me wanting the real thing even more than I already did.  Whole30 is 100% correct in saying that when you make paleo foods to mimic non-paleo foods it just leaves you disappointed and unsatisfied.  The most curious part of my evening was the desire to fall off the paleo wagon and just partake in the wondrous raw fish, soy sauce, and wasabi- but, I did NOT do it 🙂  Instead I made homemade coconut milk for the first time ever.  Which turned out super awesome.  I used that coconut milk to make a bacon, chicken, Italian seasoned, and spaghetti squash concoction that was fabulous.

Today I had my BP coffee at about 7:45am and then grazed on some veggies, kiwi, and blueberries throughout the day.  I felt like I had pretty normal energy today- AWESOME!  I don’t recall feeling like I was in a fog- bonus!  I did however feel sick this morning on the way to work but I got over it.  I get sick to my stomach a lot of mornings- don’t worry no baby!  I bring this up because I found out today from someone in my support group that this is a side-effect of the levels of medication I am on.  A lot of people in the group are actually having the same issue.  I get excited when I find out I am not the only one going through something.

Overall, it was a good day.  I felt more productive than I have been feeling- I just didn’t know what to do with myself when I got home.  Another thing to note is the fact that I don’t find myself thinking about all the crappy food as much.  I thought about sushi today because that is my ritual when I have an evening alone- no boyfriend = sushi!

Energy- normal which is good 🙂

Mood- grumpy most of the morning and easily irritated- sorry to my co-workers!

Mental Clarity- not bad, I don’t recall being super foggy or being super clear

Tomorrow is a new day and the mark of 2/3’s down!

As always, FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!!!!  God is the spark inside that keeps me going.  He has many forms and is everywhere we just need to open our hearts and minds to let Him in!