Hello All,

So, today is the official 2 week mark!  I am excited that I have made it 2 weeks without any slips 🙂

Today was a pretty good day.  My energy levels seemed pretty normal and my mood was good.  i was a bit foggy at the end of the day but all and all it was a good day.

I had my BP coffee at about 8:30 am and then grazed on some veggies and black olives though out the day- starting at about 11:30 am.  Veggies included: cherry tomatoes; baby carrots; and I think that’s about it.  I brought other veggies to work but they weren’t cut up and I didn’t have time between clients to do it.  I also, ate some fresh blueberries through out the day.

We had left overs from last night- bacon, chicken, spaghetti squash, and homemade coconut milk- delicious 🙂  And my boyfriend loved it- bonus!

I am finding that I have bought too much food and now it is starting to go bad.  Eating like this has made me eat less which means I need to buy less.  But, when I am at the grocery store that idea seems to go out of my mind.

Yesterday and today I did not drink enough water and tea- not nearly enough water.  My regular water bottle needs a good soapy soap and I just haven’t done it yet.  This, I now know, is one culprit in my problem with lower water consumption.  Problem will be faced and fixed tomorrow!

I purchased a kindle book today-

 I am super excited to start reading this!  It goes into the science behind food and why some foods are paleo and others aren’t.  This will aid in my research.  I will discuss my readings as I go through the book.

On another note, I am a bit irritated with myself.  Last month I signed up for Amazon Primes 1 month free membership.  I haven’t found it useful and I haven’t been using it… But I forgot to cancel it!  So, I got charged the $99 for the full year 😦  I had better start using it.  The thing with us is that we don’t have cable.  We just have Netflix and a Roku box- both of which rarely get used.  We just don’t care to watch TV and movies the way we once did.  So, now what am I supped to do with this membership?  We shall see.

A website that I really seem to be liking at the moment is:


Check it out!  I think you’ll like her humor and recipes.

Energy- moderate- pretty normal

Mood- pretty good

Mental clarity- pretty good most of the day up until I had about 2 hours left of work.  Seems just ok now.

Overall, today was a great day.  I felt productive and focused on the goal at hand while at work.  I didn’t drink enough water but tomorrow is a new day.  Yes, I could drink a bunch of water now but that will just make me get up and down all night to pee.  I also decided to research how to make homemade coconut oil- this shall be my next adventure in the kitchen.  Should be interesting- wish me luck!

As always, FUCK YOU CANCER!  I ask God for guidance in my walk and to show me the path He wants me on.