Hello All,

It is the end of day 15!  YAY!

The most interesting thing has happened to my boyfriend.  He has been inadvertently eating paleo because that is what I buy and cook.  He does not eat fruits and veggies and he does not cook.  He eats 2 string cheese’s everyday for lunch and sometimes, if I make it, he has a sandwich.  I make dinner every night and that’s what he eats.  So, since I started this experiment he has been also eating this way.  I added in a post the other day about him eating teriyaki and feeling like shit afterwards.  Well, he went up North on Saturday and ate Greek pizza and a chocolate milk shake.  He didn’t get home until well after I was fast asleep.  The next day (yesterday) he ate some Taco Time.  Last night was the first night we had to really talk since the pizza on Saturday and yesterdays tacos.  He said “I think my new vitamins are messing me up.”  I responded with “how long have you been taking them?”  He told me he had been using these new vitamins for about a month or so.  I said “I doubt it has taken you thins long to have a reaction to your vitamins.  Have you thought about how you have been eating and now when you eat shitty you feel shitty and like you are coming down with the flu?”  That was an appiphony moment for him.  He has now decided that he is going to have to eat better to feel better.  I am shocked!  This is super awesome 🙂  I am excited that my experiment affected someone else.  Fascinating!

Today was a good day.  I wasn’t overly tired, my mood was good, but I did feel foggy.  I had more energy today than I have had thus far- bonus!  I had my BP coffee this morning and I have been using organic maple syrup to sweeten it- MMMMM! I grazed again today on veggies and blueberries and I did have a the last little bit of the bacon, chicken, coconut concoction. When I got home I thought the chicken I had in the fridge wasn’t do to expire until tomorrow- I was wrong 😦  I opened it and it smelled a little funky… well, that’s because it expired 2 days ago.  Grrrr!  Money wasted!  Oh well.  So, instead I roasted some cauliflower in some Ghee (lactose free butter) and seasoned it with garlic, salt, and pepper.  Then I sauteed some bell peppers and onions and mixed that in some grass fed ground beef.  I made beef patties with it and it was fabulous 🙂  My boyfriend actually ate cauliflower!  Another shocker!  AND he liked it!  I also had a little side salad with mine.  I added a little dash of dill to the salad and that changed the whole dynamic of it.

I am pretty positive I am going to do a Whole30 starting on Jan 1st.  I am still mentally preparing myself for it.  It requires no drinking or smoking for 30 days on top of the paleo lifestyle.  I am a smoker- I know I smoke with cancer.  Get over it!  Trust me if you smoked and then were told you had cancer that wasn’t caused from smoking and you had probably had the cancer for 15+ years you would probably have trouble quitting too.  Just saying.  I need to stop and I think I am almost ready.  It is such a mental battle.  Never in my life had I ever thought I would smoke- much less be in this predicament.  Some of you out there didn’t know I smoked because I tend to hide it.  Well, this blog is all about me being open and honest, so, there you go- I’m being honest.

I am debating on even stopping my experiment on the 22nd and then starting the Whole30 on the 1st.  After what my boyfriend has experienced I don’t think I want to put myself through that.  I might give myself Tuesday the 23rd for my friends Christmas lunch, and the 25th for Christmas.  I am still debating.

Energy- Good, higher than it has been

Mood- good, easy going

Mental Clarity- good in the morning but early to mid-afternoon I got foggy.

Overall, today was a pretty good day.  I had a great day at work, had lots of laughs, energy was good, and my boyfriend has decided to go paleo with me.  Good day 🙂

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!  I ask God for guidance, strength, and courage through this journey.