Hello All,

I can’t believe it has been 17 days already.  I felt a bit foggy and non-productive today.  It was a super slow day at work and I think that is a huge factor in my productivity levels.  I get a bit lethargic when it’s slow.

I have had a bit of the runs the passed few days and today was the worst.  I had my boyfriend pickup some natural probiotics for me, so, that should help.  I know my body is still detoxing but I want to level everything out.  I have not been taking my multi vitamin because I get nauseous if I don’t eat enough when I take them.  I need to figure something out since I am grazing during the day and not eating an actual meal.

I had a fairly even amount of energy but the lack of activity just made me a bit lazy.  I don’t feel like it was a lack of energy just a lack of motivation.

My boyfriend seems to still be onboard with everything- awesome!  He’s not 100% with it.  Where I read the labels on everything he is just getting his feet wet with the whole idea.  I am getting pretty excited about my Whole30 next month.  I have been reading my new book and it is super fascinating.  I will sit down and discuss it further when I get deeper into it.  I have noticed my clothes fitting a little bit loser and some coworkers have mentioned that I look like I have lost weight.  I don’t like saying I lost weight because I have no plans of finding it again.

Energy- ok, moderate

Mood- good, no noticeable  irritation

Mental Clarity- good in the morning and early afternoon, got foggy mid-day

Overall, it was an ok day.  Nothing to exciting to post.  I am trucking along and looking forward to my final weigh in.

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!  God gives me courage during the most difficult times.