Hello All,

3 more days!  That’s crazy!

I have had great energy today, ok mood, and pretty clear mind.  Overall, great day!

I slept in until 9:30 am and that rarely ever is even possible.  I cleaned the house, made a leg of lamb with veggies, and worked on my Christmas presents.  Very productive day.  I had nice consistent flow of energy- didn’t seem to spike or drop.  I still have some shit to do to get these gifts finished and some of them shipped out.  I don’t want to describe them because some of my readers/ followers are getting said gifts- but, I will say they fucking rock and if you are getting one you should feel loved 🙂

I sauteed up some chicken tenders with lemon zest, salt, and pepper for lunch… Awesome!  My boyfriend is still on board the paleo boat.  I must say, I am shocked!

Our Dinner: Leg of Lamb and Veggies

leg of lamb 10 leg of lamb 9

Leg of lamb with cauliflower, carrots, and sweet potatoes!  Amazing!

Leg of Lamb 1

I will post another page with the info on the recipe I used as my motivation later 🙂

leg of lamb 4leg of lamb 3leg of lamb 5leg of lamb 7 leg of lamb 6leg of lamb 8  Leg of lamb 2 I used the pan drippings to make a yummy gravy.

Energy- pretty dang good 🙂

Mood- pretty good but got a bit moody towards the end of the day

Mental Clarity- not bad, it’s hard to notice when I don’t have to interact with others :/

Overall, today was an awesome day 🙂  Let’s see what tomorrow brings!  Oh, and the probiotics seem to be working!  Yay me!

As always, FUCK YOU CANCER!  I ask God for guidance in the decisions I need to make soon.  God Bless 🙂