Hello All,

It’s the end of day 20 already!  I have had more energy- I came home made dinner and worked on organizing my office/ library/ art room.  I am a freaking Rock Star 🙂

Today was a super slow day at work.  We had clients asking for the weirdest items.  One person wanted a butler statue holding a serving tray.  We are interior designers LOL!  I have to give them credit for trying every avenue.

I am not finished with my Christmas presents as of yet- Ahhhhh!  I only have a few days left, but, I can do it 🙂

Tomorrow is my last day on this experiment and my boyfriend and I are supposed to be going on a date to the Olive Garden on Monday.  Now I am wondering if this is a good idea.  On Tuesday my friend is making homemade mac n’ cheese for a Christmas lunch- most definitely NOT paleo.  Then on Wednesday we have another Christmas party at another friends house followed by Christmas at my boyfriends brother and sister-in-laws house.  I know I have the choice to partake in the devilish goodness that is also known as crap filled non-paleo food.  I have the choice of what goes into my system.  The question is: do I want to partake and see what happens OR do I want to just keep this going?  We shall see.

I did feel pretty foggy today and low motivation.  I need to get my head together and get some shit done!  I did get a lot of work done a big project for a client that is coming tomorrow- not enough!  I am going to have to go in early tomorrow and get some shit done.  I really like these clients and I want to make sure I give them the best possible design solution for their space. I had my  BP coffee, then as a snack I munched on some of the leftover lamb roast and some cherry tomatoes, finally for dinner I made lemon almond crusted salmon with mashed sweet potatoes that were topped with melted ghee- freaking amazing!

Energy- pretty good

Mood- good

Mental Clarity- foggy most of the day

Overall, I think with each week that has passed I have lost some inches and weight, gained some energy, and stuck to it! I am proud of myself for getting it done 🙂  I am pretty excited to see what my final weigh in results show on Monday.  We shall see.

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!  God I ask for strength, knowledge, understanding, energy, and motivation.