Hello All,

I have made it to day 21!  YAY me 🙂  It has not been as difficult as I had thought it would be.  I think my Whole30 will be a lot more difficult because there is absolutely no alcohol, sugar/ sweeteners (real and fake), no smoking, and 100% paleo.  It will be interesting.  I asked my boyfriend for moral support with not smoking and his response was “I’ll try but I don’t want you to get mad at me.”  He’s so cute.  I said tough love!

So, today was a shity day because my car died on the way to work.  It’s Sunday so the shop isn’t open.  I had it towed to the dealership and I hope they can fix it fast.  I have had a lot of issues with this car and it’s only a 2010 with 70k miles.  I take great care of my car and it irritates me that shit keeps happening.  I tried to make the best of my day, so, I ended up making my very first homemade handbag.  It turned out wonderful!  This will be a nice Christmas gift for a good friend of mine.

I felt stressed and tired today.  Not much in the way of being mentally foggy today- YAY!  My energy was pretty low and I did not drink nearly enough water.  I made homemade paleo chili today and it turned out great.  My boyfriend is still onboard with the whole paleo thing so I baked some chicken for tomorrows lunch and dinner.  He has not tried the BP coffee, but, I think if he did he would notice a difference in energy and fullness.

As for our date night tomorrow, I think we will not go to The Olive Garden but instead maybe The Outback or The Ram.  Steak is better than a plate of pasta.  I think I will continue the paleo thing through the end of the month, but, maybe not as strict about it.  I don’t want to feel like death warmed over.

Reflection on the passed 21 day experiment:

The first week was difficult because I felt like shit.  The second week got better but not great.  I think week 3 has been the best of the weeks.  This shows me that each week has made a difference.  Originally when I started this I posted some rules or guidelines for a Primal lifestyle- well, I didn’t stick to most of that.  Held strong in the eating, no drinking (not that it’s not allowed I just cut it out for myself), and taking measurements before and soon to be after.  I did not run full out 1x per week or do yoga at all.  I just didn’t have the energy the first 2 weeks and this week I just didn’t do it.  I know I could have this week but for whatever reason I didn’t.  2 huge things to mention are the facts that my skin is super soft and the spotting that has been happening since June 2nd has stopped!

I am very interested to see what my measurements reveal tomorrow!

Energy- low to moderate- not enough water and high stress

Mood- stressed, not as irritable as I would have thought

Mental clarity- I don’t think I was super foggy, it’s hard to tell when I am alone with nothing pressing to do

Overall, today was stressful but I got through it and my 21 days are almost over!  Tomorrow is a new day 🙂

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER! God works in ways I don’t always understand at first but I have faith that God’s plan will come to light and is always good.