Hello All,

So, today was a pretty shity day in the fact that I just felt like shit.  I actually thought I was going to have to leave work and come home.  Another thought was that maybe I had thought I took my 5 am meds but didn’t actually take them.  I stuck it out at work and when I got home I had indeed taken my pills.  I have no idea what the hell was wrong with me today.  I am super, super, tired right now.  It probably doesn’t help that we went to dinner at the Outback!  I ate my weight in bread and loaded baked potato.  I am not excited to see how I feel tomorrow but I am interested.  We will see.

On another note, I am excited to announce that I weighed in and did my measurements today… I lost 12 LBS and 14 1/2″ total!!!!  That’s HUGE!  I do feel like my 1 meal tonight made me gain it all back.  It’s crazy how fat I feel after just one meal- and I had prime rib, bread, a side salad, and a loaded baked potato.

Energy- very low

Mood- ok but a bit irritable now

Mental Clarity- low

I have had some anxiety issues in the mornings and today I felt more anxiety than normal.  Along with a weird sensation throughout.

Overall, today was good in a lot of aspects but I felt like shit, so, it wasn’t a good day to me.

As Always- FUCK YOU CANCER!  God I ask You to heal my mind, body, and soul.