Hello All,

So, I took the 22nd through the 25th as free for all days!  Oh the glorious poison I poured down my throat into my waiting stomach!  I dove into the proverbial troff head first!  I swam in the oozing apple pie and ice cream, homemade scalloped potatoes, Dairy Queen chicken strips and french fries, chips, dips, CHEESE, and of course I jumped right for the Taco Time Mexie Fries (aka tater tots).  And then Oh the pain!  I knew it was coming and I am still glad that I did it, because, it told me a lot about my body.  What did it tell me you ask?  Well, I will fill you in!  I found that I hadn’t noticed that I was NOT having hot flashes until they came back FULL force.  I felt like I was one big burning ball of hot flashes yesterday and today.  Something else I learned was that bad food = GAS!  Oh No!  My poor boyfriend- my stomach was hurting last night and it was hard and bloated 😦  Don’t worry I saved my family and took a GasX.  I noticed that I was a lot more irritable than I have been and the spotting that had stopped started again.  It amazes me how fast my body reacted to this experiment.

Needless to say, Christmas was a blast!  I spent the day with my family and enjoyed every minute of it 🙂  I am so thankful for the support I have been getting from them!

As of today, I am officially back on the paleo train 🙂  The only difference between the experiment and now is that I am still drinking wine- YAY!!!  I start my Whole30 on the 1st and I am trying to mentally gear myself up for it.  The aren’t many differences between the Whole30 and what I am doing, but, those differences are HUGE!  No drinking, No smoking (this is the big one for me), no sweeteners fake and real (no honey, maple syrup, stevia), and I am sure there are more.  I am still reading my book- It Starts With Food- which outlines the whole ordeal and why it’s so important.  This book is fantastic!  If you are considering taking a swing at the Whole30 I recommend getting this book.

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!  God is amazing!  Thank God for the very life you have and appreciate where you are and where you have been.  Use that knowledge to allow God to take you to the place He wants you to be.