Today is day ZERO!!! of my Whole30!  Let’s get this shit done!

The Whole30 website is such a GREAT tool 🙂  They have even provided a wonderful shopping list.  This makes the dreaded trip to the grocery store a little bit more tolerable.


Since it is day Zero I decided to go shopping when I got off work- DONE!  Now, I need to think about the week ahead and do some serious planning.  My life is so crazy and I feel like I am pulled in so many different directions.  That is the problem statement, so, what is my solution statement… Make a life budget!  What is a life budget you ask?  Well, simply put I have categorized what the different areas of my life are and then listed my responsibilities/ what I would like to do but don’t always do.  With this new found information I am going to divide my time amongst the different categories.  Some of you right now are saying “that is insane” or “that is just over the top”- well, let me ask you something, do you ever feel like you are overwhelmed? not enough hours in the day?  Or, do you ever feel like you neglect aspects in your life because “you’ll get to it” and never do?  If not, try having my life for a week: Cancer; college; full-time job; house to run; family; friends; me time; health other than cancer.  The list could just keep going.  These are the reasons I need to budget my time 🙂

Part of my life budget is health other than cancer.  What does this mean?  This means all of the other things I do to be healthy that will effect the cancer (hopefully) in a positive way, but, that are not prescribed by the Dr.  So, exercising; yoga; Whole30; meal planning; blogging; research; etc… My Whole30 is the main portion of this category.  What is my plan/budget so that I feel like I am accomplishing everything in this category without neglecting other areas?  That’s the question.  I’m not 100% there yet.  I think I have the 1st step down- acknowledge the problem lol

What are some keys to success for the Whole30?

Meal Planning ~ this is a tough one for me for some reason.  I don’t like to cook via recipies I have found because it takes to much time, thought, and effort.

Preparation ~ This should be simple enough and I think it will save my kitchen from being a disaster zone all the time.  I think I will use my food processor to chop up a variety of different veggies and put them in designated containers in the fridge.  The Whole30 shopping list will be a HUGE help because I can just circle what I want to get and go get it.  No more forgetting things I wanted.  Side bonus, I can just hand my boyfriend the list and say please go get this for me 🙂

Motivation ~ I think that the visual results and physical results will be a big help here.  Hopefully there is a significant difference in how I feel too!

Support ~ I have such an awesome group of family and friends that are supporting me through this that I just feel so blessed.  A couple of them are even partaking in the Whole30 with me 🙂  I am one lucky girl!

Wish me Luck!