My Primal Experiment


January 2015

Jan 31st- How Did My WHole30 End?

Hello All,

So, I made it to day 28 like I had decided on.  I cut my experiment a little short.  On the 29th- Thursday- I jumped head first into the piglets troff of disgustingly delicious, make my ass fat, food!  I ate a GIANT burrito smothered in melted cheese and wonderful sauce.  It was filled with spanish rice, beans, carne asada, and some other shit I’m certain of.  I also partook in the delectable sour cream and guacamole.  Let me tell you… IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!  I would have done a backstroke in the chips and salsa if I could have! MMMmmmmmm!  After that I didn’t notice much of a difference in how I felt- other than being tired, but, what’s new?  That was early in the day and we got hungry again!  I drove us to the OH SO BAD place of sin.  I pulled into the drive through of McDonalds!  I ordered 3 cheeseburgers, 1 large french fry, and a hot fudge sundae… all for MYSELF!  I was able to eat all but 1 burger!  As of right now, I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my mood, but, my energy is low and I am having a LOT of body aches.

I have to start a LID on the 10th- Low iodine Diet.  It’s super strict and no slipping.  This one is medical and I will only Fuck myself if I don’t follow it to the T.  This is going to me my next challenge/ experiment.  I am wanting to start an experiment of movement or working out.  I think for now I am going to focus on getting my medication leveled out and the radiation.  Maybe I will add 1 day a week of extra movement and then next month start a real challenge of kicking my ass and eating Paleo.

Whole30- I am so happy that I took on this challenge.  I have learned so much about myself and my own willpower.  I am a freaking badass!  I quit smoking, didn’t drink, ate clean, and did it all with a crazy fucking life!  I am so proud of myself 🙂  I still want to smoke but I am not sure if that will ever really go away.  I have been having a glass of wine or some a night since “The Fall” on Thursday which I think might be making me more tired.  If it wasn’t for the Whole30 I wouldn’t have pushed myself to go 30 days without smoking and I would still be smoking now.  With drinking it is much more difficult to not smoke but I’m doing it 🙂

I’ll return with the low iodine diet.  I was going to weigh and measure myself on the 28th but I ran out of time and then I dove into the cesspool of shitty food.  The GOOD news about me NOT posting all of that info is that I just don’t care.  I know I lost weight and inches but that’s not my focus.  If I feel like shit but I’m thin than what does it matter?

As Always- FUCK YOU CANCER!  Lord I thank you for the body you gave me!


Day 27 Down!

Hello All,

I have held strong!  I have WANTED to CHEAT SOOOO BADLY!  But, I am proud to say that I have held strong!  I have decided that on Thursday, even though it’s only the 29th, I am going go to dinner with my boyfriend.  I have a design call about an hours drive away and it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere and that just happens to be in a location of one of our favorite Mexican places!  I am excited, however, I know really understand what they mean in the book (It Starts With Food) when they say that we are emotionally addicted to food because of the way it makes us feel.  I thought BS when I read that but now that I am struggling because I have been so low on energy I find myself CRAVING certain foods.  When I imagine these foods I have realized that I associate a specific feeling with each food.  Mostly COMFORT!  Literally, I realized this yesterday when I was thinking about these amazing potato skins and I had this image of me eating them and it wasn’t as much about the taste as it was what the taste provoked inside of me.  At the beginning of all of this I thought “No, I eat the bad shit because it tastes amazing, not because it triggers some shit in my brain to make me feel good.”

This experiment has been SO eye opening!  I have learned so much about what smoking does inside of my body; I don’t have to or need to smoke; I have a shit ton of willpower; sweetener either natural or fake is everywhere; what I eat and put into my body dictates how my body absorbs my medications; food is directly related to my emotions; I know that I have shed some LBS; I have learned a lot of other shit I am sure- even if I haven’t realized it just yet.

The last few days:

Saturday I felt like shit and as the day went on I got more energy

Sunday I felt a bit better than Saturday

Monday I felt the best out of the 3 days

Today I have been just tired and super low energy

Energy- LOW

Mood- up and down a bit irritable

Mental clarity- not terrible but not great

Overall, I’m getting there, but, I still have a long ways to go.  My goal is to know my body and works for it and what doesn’t. I want to see how healthy I can be 🙂

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!  Lord I pray for strength and energy to push through all of the obstacles.  Thank you Father.

Whole30 Day 12 – dinner experiment is a winner!

Looks good 🙂

Split Pea soup: The best you will ever have!

I think I’ll try this 🙂

Day 23! Whole30… How much longer!

Hello All,

Part of me can’t believe that it’s already the 23rd, however, the biggest part of me feels like it has been 3x that long!  This month has been such an eye opening experience.  I have held strong and strict to the program- way to go me!  I have learned that I don’t need to smoke, I don’t miss drinking all that much (sometimes it would be nice), I don’t miss sugar as much as I thought I would, even if there isn’t sugar in something doesn’t mean that there isn’t something sweet in there like honey, and I have learned that the way I have been living my life since my thyroid removal about 1 year ago has made my body not as receptive to my thyroid medications, so, now that I am eating all natural I don’t need as much of my medication.  I spoke with the nurse today and confirmed that my blood work shows that my thyroid levels are too high making me hyperthyroid.  I never knew that being hyper could and will make me tired.  I really hope this is the fix to what’s going on.  The nurse explained to me that my meds are making me hyperthyroid now and that means that my body inside is working overtime.  This explains why I have been having issues with anxiety because my heart is working overtime also.  With everything inside of me working harder than it needs too I am extremely tired.  I sure hope this is what is going on because starting tomorrow I am lowering my meds 20% and if it’s not the cause than I am going to be in a world of hurt 😦  All I can do is put it in God’s hands and give this a go.

Other than feeling super tired and not so good I am going strong and doing the best I can 🙂  My boyfriend and I had our special in home date night dinner, which was amazing!  Broiled grass fed steak, lobster tail, crab legs, lemon butter, and sauteed green beans!  It sounds over the top and crazy but that’s the whole point of it for us.  A couple times a month we use the money we would have used for eating out and we eat in fancy pants style!

I am nearing the end of my Whole30 and I have a lot of changes going on with my body.  The changes I am talking about are not just losing weight.  I mean emotional, physical, and mental.  I feel like I need to continue at least the Paleo life until I get everything evened out.  I scheduled the radiation for the last week of Feb so I have to start a low iodine diet on the 11th.  The LID isn’t very different than Paleo eating- I’ll get into more detail later 🙂

Energy- low

Mood- irritable

Mental clarity- up and down

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!  Lord I pray that lowing my medication is the answer.  Thank you Father.

Day 22 Whole30 Down!

Hello All,

Don’t worry, I haven’t fallen off the wagon 😉  I’m still trucking along.  I have not had a single cheat, smoke, or glass of wine- all of which I would LOVE to have.  I am super proud of myself.  This month has been very much a challenge.  I would expect myself to feel better by now, but, it is quite the opposite.  I have been getting more and more tired since around the 15th of the month.  On Tuesday I felt so terrible I had to call in.  I felt exactly like I did after the radiation.  Sick to my stomach and so tired I could barely get myself back into bed after I had already forced myself to get ready for work.  I had to sit down to dry off after I got out of the shower!  I’m not complaining I am just concerned.  I went to get some blood work done and they called today and told me that my thyroid levels are great.  I told her how I have been feeling, she talked to the dr and called me back.  My dr wants me to lower my dose 20%.  This seems like a lot to me to lower!  I am frustrated with my dr and his staff at the moment.

I tried to schedule an appointment with another endocrinologist, however, they are all the way out until April!  I did go ahead and schedule my next radiation for the end of February.  I am now just trying to figure out what the hell is going on with me and figure out how I am going to get to and from the week of daily dr shit.

Other than being lethargic I am doing good.  I haven’t eaten anything off of plan- which hasn’t been easy!  Man I have been craving sushi, pasta, pasta, pasta, nachos, cake (I can’t even eat cake on a non-Whole30 day!), candy, sweets, milkshakes, big giant hamburgers, and pretty much every other shitty food out there!  The book says I should be broken of my unwanted desires by the end of this.  I am not there yet!  I think a big part of the problem is that I am wanting comfort foods.  In the past when I was having a hard time I would treat myself to something extra tasty.  This is training me to deal with shit in a Whole different way- a Whole30 kind of way 😉

Energy- better today than the last 2 days at least

Mood- good in general, frustrated with my Dr’s office

Mental clarity- not terrible

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!  Lord I pray for love and guidance to get me through the tough times.  Thank you Lord.

Day 19!! Whole30

Hello All,

I am going to keep this one short- I am super tired.  Yesterday I actually called out of work because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open- literally!  Those of you thyroid carrying, natural hormone making, regular tired people out there are probably saying “What, she called into work for being too tired?  That’s ridiculous!”  Well, let me tell you something, when you don’t have a thyroid and your levels are too low there is no “quick fix”.  Coffee won’t even touch the thought of being tired much less the reality of being tired.  There is no caffeine, vitamin, or supplement of any kind that will fix the problem.

On the low thyroid hormone note, I have noticed that my thyroid hormone seems to be low.  Since the beginning of my Whole30 I have noticed that I am not feeling any better, but, instead quite the opposite.  With everyday that goes by I am not feeling any better and this week I have noticed that I am just overly exhausted.  I started to think this Whole30 business sees to be messing me up- maybe I should just start eating wheat and grains again.  I have not jump off the wagon!  I did, however, recall something this morning on the way to work.  I am part of a thyroid cancer support group online and one of the guys in the group brought up the effects of nicotine and thyroid hormones.  I did my own research and found a bit of information that said nicotine can raise thyroid hormone levels.  This could explain what is going on!  I think what has happened is that when I was smoking the nicotine was raising my thyroid hormone levels.  So, I felt fine and balanced.  When I stopped smoking the nicotine was working its way out of my system and at the same time my thyroid hormones were lowing as a result.  Now the nicotine is out of my system and I feel like shit.  Don’t get me wrong, I know this sounds like a load of shit but it’s the best explanation I have!  I am going to the Dr tomorrow to do some blood tests.  I will keep you posted!  I will mention that I have also had other symptoms of low thyroid levels- brittle hair, dryer skin, memory loss, tired, menstrual spotting, as well any other symptoms I may be forgetting.

Energy- shit

Mood- up and down

Mental clarity- low

As Always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!  Lord I thank you for the love and life you have provided me.

Day 17!! Whole30

Hello All,

I cannot believe that it has already been 17 days!  I am really doing well 🙂

I have stuck to it and I have not had a single smoke!  Oh I’ve wanted to partake in that sinful, stress relieving, goodness!  But, I haven’t!  I am super proud of myself for that.

Today I have been over the top tired.  I really am not sure what is causing my lack of energy.  Maybe it’s from my possibly non Paleo food choices the other day and I’m just re-detoxing?  Who can say really.  That’s why I am tracking everything and why I am considering this to be an experiment.  I am hoping that after a long enough time and enough tracking I will be able to really know my own body.  I want to know what the best fuel for my own body is.  I think I have actually reached a point in life that I am doing this for my health not how small and trim my body will be.  I’ve been super fit, over weight, and everything in between.  Now I just want to be healthy.

I think it is time to start utilizing my list making capabilities again.  I seem to be spread a bit thin with everything going on in my life at the moment and that equals me forgetting to do lots of different things in my personal life, school life, and work life.  I don’t like that feeling and I need to get a grip on it while it’s still manageable.  Wish me luck 🙂 Now I need to remember what I forgot and what I need to put on my remember to do list LOL 🙂

Energy- really low

Mood- not terrible but points of irrational irritation

Mental Clarity- not great but I was able to manage- has been better by far

For dinner I tried my new spice, Harissa, and it was amazing!!  My boyfriend has even noticed how much richer everything tastes and how many wonderful layers of flavor there are.  I am excited to try all of my new spices!  Last nights was Kashmiri Curry.

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!  Thank you Lord for the life You have given me.  I am so thankful for who I am, where I am, and who I love.

Day 16 Whole30 Down!

Hello All!

So, today I have been super tired and then irritable and then moderate energy and then irritable!  I must be PMS’ing 😦  I ate Chipotle in Seattle yesterday and I looked at everything I ate on their website to verify that there wasn’t anything I couldn’t have.  There must have been some sugar in there or something because I became super lethargic after eating it and it rolled over into the 1st half of today.  I felt pretty good after about 4 pm but at about 7 pm I started getting grumpy.  What am I super irritated about right now?  I worked most of the day on a fabulous dinner and my boyfriend is eating trail mix instead because he doesn’t like it 😦  It’s not his fault that he doesn’t like it and to give him credit he did eat about half of it until I finally said “if you don’t like it than don’t eat it.”  He was trying so hard to not hurt my feelings, but, I really wish he would just say “hey, I don’t like this.  I’m sorry.”  No matter how many times I tell him that he is still the sweet man I fell in love with and he cares more about my feelings than anything.

I do have a confession… I ate some Olivia’s bread cubes today.  They are wheat, gluten, dairy, etc…, free.  However, their is one ingredient in there that is debatable on being an approved food- sorghum flour.  I did some reading on it and the reviews go both ways.  But, I read about it after I ate it- the first issue.  The second issue is that I don’t think that it’s Whole30 approved even if it’s Paleo approved because it was in the form of “bread” cubes.  I am still proud of myself and I don’t feel like I have to start over.  I say that because in the Whole30 book It Starts with Food states that if you eat one thing that isn’t on plan than our bodies have to detox all over again.

I have found that these last 2 days have been difficult because I find myself wanting to allow myself Paleo approved foods that aren’t Whole30 approved foods- like honey.  I would like to say at the end of this that I completed the entire 30 days without a single thing that’s not on plan, but, as of right now I know that I have had some bacon cured with honey, Chipotle that I think had sugar, some salsa that had additives such as xanthan gum, and of course, the “bread”cubes.  Where any of those things worth not being 100% on plan?  Probably not.  However, the Chipotle was delicious and I needed to eat- that’s what I told myself and what I am still telling myself.

The first 14 days were difficult with the not smoking and no drinking wine.  Now the difficult part it the eating I think.  I think that’s because I am either PMS’ing or I’m about to start PMS’ing.  We shall see.  However, I did just take my birth control pill and I am not due to start PMS’ing until next week.

Yesterday was a super fun day though.  We went up to Seattle and I got to go to the World Spice Merchants shop on the waterfront behind Pike Place.  I bought so many new spices and spice blends!  I am super excited about that!  I got the book from my brother and sister in-laws and I got super excited when I found out that the author owns a spice shop in Seattle!!!  We also stopped at Pike Place and I got a really crazy looking head of what the guy said is cauliflower lol It’s pointy and neon green!  When I cook that guy I’ll take some pictures 🙂  I also got to go to Ann Sacks to look at some ceramic and natural stones for a class I’m taking.

Energy- all over the place, mostly tired

Mood- all over the place

Mental clarity- low

I do feel like I have been forgetting important things lately and for extended periods of time- I need to get that in check!

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!  Dear Heavenly Father, You are so amazing and I am so blessed.  Thank you Father.

All About Cinnamon

I am really intrigued by the health benefits of spices.  Starting with cinnamon I am going to dive into as many of the delicious, spicy, hot, aromatic, spices.

What is cinnamon?  Where does it come from?  What are the medicinal benefits?  How many kinds are there?  If you already know the answers to these questions- Great! you’re ahead of me.  I, on the other hand, do not know the answers.  Let’s dive in!

Check this site out for more info on cinnamon:

Herbs and SpicesHerbs and Spices 2Herbs and Spices 8 huffington post

Both of these links go to the US National Library of Medicine- fascinating! This is a snip from the second link:

Cinnamon 3

I love credible sources 🙂    Here’s another abstract 🙂


There are mixed reports on the effects of cinnamon on both type 1 and 2 diabetes.  I would be interested in a study on people without diabetes and a study on the 2 different kinds of cinnamon.

My own experience tells me that it does lower blood glucose and does curb appetite.  Last month I did a 21 day experiment and I figured out that, for me, the effects of cinnamon are real!

Also, check out this article from NPR

What will the next spice be on my road of knowledge?  Good question and I am not sure- if you have any suggestions I am open 🙂

Day 14 Whole30 Down!!

Hello All,

It’s been 2 weeks!!!  I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks already!  I’m half way there 🙂

My advice thus far:

Drink lots of water to flush everything out- especially the first week

Try to only buy what you are going to be able to eat before it goes bad

Use good spices- it does make a difference

Don’t try to remake your favorite foods into Whole30 approved foods- it just leaves you disappointed

Bulletproof coffee is the best thing ever!  1 tbl ghee, 2 tbl coconut oil, a few dashes of cinnamon, all mixed together in a small blender with hot coffee.

Read the labels on EVERYTHING!!!!

Try new things 🙂

I got a new spice book for my birthday from my boyfriends brother and wife.  I am in love with this book!  Last night I made Chinese 5 spice and I used that fabulous stuff on some chicken breast and veggies- amazing!  Tonight I made some bezor and slapped that right onto more chicken and veggies.  I am going to need to make some beef soon to change it up.

Today was a difficult day emotionally.  I got “the” phone call from my dr telling me that the scary injections they ordered for me have arrived and we are now ready to schedule the shit fest week of treatment.  Day 1 of the shit fest is blood work and and 1 muscular injection into my thigh.  Day 2 is the second muscular injection into my other thigh.  Day 3 is a radioactive iodine pill that will make my insides glow like a Christmas tree.  Day 4 I don’t have to do anything but let the radiation course through my veins.  Day 5 I go back to the hospital for my full body scan which consists of me laying in a machine for 2 hours.  I really hope the radiation is a low enough dose like the dr says and it wont make me sick like the last time I took it.  Last time I did not do the injections, so, to tell you the truth I am terrified of them injecting some scary shit into my muscles.

Overall, I will get this shit done and I will make it out of it.  I’ve got this!  This is why I am healthifying my body as much as I possibly can before all of the cancer shit starts.

Energy- not bad

Mood- emotional

Mental clarity- not terrible

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!  Lord please give me peace with everything.

Whole30 Day 12 Down!

Hello All!

Yesterday was my 30th birthday!  I can’t believe I am actually 30 years old now.  I don’t feel old by any means, but, I do feel like I am officially an adult now.  It’s kind of an interesting feeling.  Almost like in our 20’s we are still viewed as children.

As for my Whole30, it is going great.  I haven’t had a single cigarette, drink, or cheat.  I am very proud of myself 🙂  I haven’t had the draw to go outside with my boyfriend while he smokes either.  I have had bacon cured with honey a couple of times but I think I am okay with that.  I had a bit of salsa verde last night and tonight that had xanthan gum in it, however, according to the Whole30 website it is not expressly forbidden 🙂  I made an executive call on both the bacon and the salsa.

Last night I had a wonderful family dinner for my birthday.  My future in-laws got me a food saver!  I am super excited about my new addition to my kitchen gadgets.  My future brother and sister-in-law got me Whole30 approved “bread” cubes, apricot jam, a fabulous book about spices, and some locally made coffee beans.  My mom also sent me an Amazon gift card that I used to purchase some paleo cookbooks 🙂  My sister also sent me a Target gift card!!  I don’t know what I’m going to get with that one, but, I am sure its going to be something awesome and just for me!

I woke up this morning and realized that I hadn’t taken my medications 4 hours earlier.  This was the first time I took my pills so late and I think it messed with my day.

Energy- up and down but not bad

Mood- good

Mental clarity- up and down but major fog most of the day

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!  Thank you Father for such a wonderfully blessed life.

Whole30 Day 10!

Hello All,

I apologize for not posting the last 2 days.  Things have been crazy!  I ended up purchasing a new to me 2011 Nissan Rogue.  If you have ever purchased a vehicle you probably know how stressful it is.  I have done great though 🙂  I have not fallen off the Whole30 wagon and I have not had a single smoke!  I can’t even explain to you how proud I am of myself!  I wanted a cigarette soooooo freaking bad but I did not give in to the devilish temptation.  I even had the self talk of “I can have one and just start the Whole30 over.”  I then told myself that I have almost made it 1/2 way through, so, why would I stop now.

Today I wasn’t feeling very good in the morning but that passed.  Tomorrow is my 30th birthday 🙂 Where has the time gone?  I can remember as a kid thinking 30 was ages away and now it’s here.  My boyfriend got me an Excalibur food dehydrator for my birthday and I am super excited to put it to some good use!  I tried to make some stuff yesterday and it turned out ok, but, my fruit leathers turned out brittle and uneven.   I tried to make the outside edges thicker than the middle like the book says, however, that is easier said than done.  This is a work in progress.

My life budget is still a work in progress.  As of right now, all of my to-do tasks are pretty much floating around in my head.  Maybe a daytimer would be the solution.  This will take some thought.

Energy- not terrible but a bit wore out

Mood- pretty good

Mental clarity- not terrible

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!  Lord I pray for guidance.

Day 7!

Hello All,

I am exhausted right now!  I started my day at 7:30 and it is now 11pm and we just got home.  I got my car back this afternoon and it, yes, did have some loose part and blah blah blah.  I had a massive accessory call today that was a ton of work.  Then after all of that we went down to the dealership to look at a Nissan Rogue SV.  It almost has everything I want, including navigation.  There were some snags in the deal and then when we went to leave it wouldn’t start!  Apparently it has something to do with an after market remote start.  I am thinking now that this is not the best option for me.

That’s enough venting 🙂

Today was a tiring day and stressful, but, guess what…. I made it though with out a single cigarette, glass of wine, or sugary sweet treat!  I am such a bad ass 😉

Energy- good

Mood- stressed, overwhelmed

Mental clarity- not terrible

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!  Lord I pray for guidance on what to do.  Thank you Lord.

What day is it? Oh yeah… It’s day 6!

Hello All,

What a freaking day!  I felt like shit all day.  I was over the top tired, foggy, lethargic, and just plain out of it.  I went to work but got the go ahead to go home at about 1:45pm.  I hopped in my GMC Terrain and started her up.  Oh no, I heard some sort of weird noise that just didn’t sound right.  I work right next to the Cadillac dealership that just replaced my transmission last week.  Oh, did I mention that my car is a 2010!  Nothing but problems with this thing!  The dealership couldn’t hear the sound but decided to keep it overnight.  They did not have a loaner vehicle for me this time so instead I was chauffeured over to the local Enterprise car rental.  Cadillac will only pay for a tiny little car and I have a HUGE accessory appointment tomorrow.  So, I am springing the extra for an SUV.  What kind of SUV did I end up with?  The Chevy version of my car!  The same color and all.  I finally made it home but did not get to rest because I am super stressed over the whole car thing.

My class started yesterday and I have not made any progress on this weeks assignments- at least I have blocked out most of the day on Thursday and Friday for this very reason.

With all of the stuff going on right now I am surprised I have not cracked and had a smoke.  I am holding strong still!  I think part of the reason I felt like shit today is because I am detoxing and this time around from cigarettes too.

Overall, today was a difficult day and I wanted to smoke really, really, really badly- but, I did NOT!  I am super tired and ready for bed.  I am feeling a bit run down with all of the stress, but, I am chugging along.

Energy- shit

Mood- stressed but otherwise not bad

Mental clarity- shit

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!  God I pray that you show me the path I need to go down.  Thank you Father for the life you have provided me.

Day 5 Down!

say goodbye to day 5!

I am excited to share that it is the end of day 5!!!  Today I had some real struggles with not smoking.  Not that I haven’t been having a hard time with the whole thing, but, today had some moments of “fuck it, just give me one”.  I did not succumb to the desire!  I am a badass 🙂

Overall, I had a pretty good day.  I was running around trying to get shit done and I had the energy to do it.  I didn’t just put things off until tomorrow.  I was satisfied with my energy levels.  My mood was good most of the day.  In the morning when I got to work I was a bit edgy but that passed.

For dinner I sauteed some chicken in coconut oil and ghee.  I seasoned it with ground mustard, salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, cayenne, fresh lime juice, and little bit of ground ginger.  It was tasty!  I used the same pan to saute up some colorful carrots, fresh green beans, and swiss chard.  It was a take on last nights dinner- last nights was a bigger hit with the boyfriend.  I do feel more comfortable with coming home and whipping something up even with all of these new ingredients.  The veggies and meats are pretty much the easiest parts.  The coconut flours, arrowroot, tapioca flour, and all the other stuff I had never used before is what is difficult.

I feel like I am not getting as much stuff done as I need to in all of the different categories of my life, but, I am working on it 🙂  My life budget seems to be helping thus far.  I am noticing that it is difficult for me to actually sit and do one task for a designated period of time.  I find myself wanting to get up and do something else and come back to my task.  I am finding that I get more work done when I set time lengths on my different tasks.  I will continue to experiment with this.

Energy- Better than good but not great

Mood- good

Mental clarity- good- I don’t recall feeling like I was in a huge fog

Tomorrow will be here before I know it!  One more day down 25 more to go!  

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!  Lord I ask for the energy and mental clarity to succeed in all of the areas of my life. 

Day 4 Whole30 Down!

Hello All,

It is now the end of day 4!  Today was a pretty good day.  I had good energy and my mood stayed pretty even all day.  The things that irritated me today would have irritated me regardless.  I did have points of the day where I just felt a bit foggy and also a disconnected feeling.  I ate a Larabar for lunch and maybe that had something to with it.  They are Whole30 approved so I don’t think it had anything to do with that.

I made some kinda fried chicken tonight with wild carrots and swiss chard delicious!  For the chicken I put coconut oil and almond oil in a frying pan.  While that heated up I “breaded” the chicken slices in 1/2 cup coconut flour and a 1/2 cup tapioca flour.  In the flour mixture I added ground mustard, salt, pepper, lime, and balsamic vinegar.  I mixed in water thinking it would make it more like a batter, but that was not the case.  I should have just left it as more of a dry rub I think.  I am allergic to eggs, so, the traditional method is out.  All said and done, it still turned out amazing 🙂  I popped each piece of my breaded chicken in the hot oil and cooked each side until it looked pretty crispy.  I then put them in the oven to finish cooking at 400 degrees.  The wild carrots and swiss chard I just sauteed in ghee and almond oil.  My boyfriend liked it so much he asked to have it again tomorrow- that says something 🙂

Overall, today was a good day.  Oh, and I did make a few days worth of my life budget.  It seems to be working thus far. I want to add that I made it another day without a single cigarette!!

Energy- good

Mood- pretty good

Mental clarity- up and down, felt unattached most of the day.

Tomorrow is another day 🙂

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!  Thank you Lord for the life, mind, and body you have provided me.

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