Hello All,

It’s the end of day 2 already!  YAY!  I have done GREAT so far and I am super proud of myself 🙂  I did not finish my life budget today like I had planned because I spent the day running around- this is what happens when you only get 1 day off.  I am hoping that I am prepared enough for what tomorrow brings- a new work week and the start of a new class.  I had taken 2 months off of school to try and figure out some things about my health.  I did not fully dedicate myself to everything I had wanted to accomplish during this time, but, to tell you the truth I am actually proud of what I did accomplish.  And, I lost weight during the holidays 🙂  I am a Rockstar!

I did NOT smoke again today- again, I am just going to go ahead and say I am a Rockstar!  And my boyfriend is a smoker.  I have noticed that he’s not smoking as much- bonus!  I can tell he feels a little bit lost because I’m not going out with him all the time.  However, when I have a huge desire to light one up I ask him to go outside with me and he can smoke.  I think it’s having the same routine that makes me feel like I am not punishing myself.

We went to Marlene’s Market today and I just LOVE that place 🙂  I found all sorts of Whole30 approved stuff.  I even found my Red Boat fish sauce that Nom Nom Paleo recommends, coconut aminos, and there’s a brand out there called PaleoChef!  I had never seen/heard of PaleoChef products.  Most of the sauces contain honey which is not Whole30.  I still bought a few of them to use next month.  Tonight I made a ground beef curry mixture of some sort.  It turned out ok but not great.  I think tomorrow I might try doing some sort of orange chicken.  I bought oranges!  I also bought Larabars which are Whole30 approved.  My boyfriend has been having a difficult time figuring out what to take for lunch, so, I hope he likes these.  I am going to try to steer away from them for myself but if I’m in a pinch and need some sustenance I will dive in!

I did take my measurements from day Zero- I just keep forgetting to post them.  I think this go around I might just post both the before #’s and after #’s at the same time.  This might give a better over all impact.

On a side note, I was right… I started my period.  I know TMI, however, this is a HUGE deal to me.  I have spent hundreds of dollars at the Dr.’s office trying to figure out why my cranky uterus isn’t working properly and now it finally is!  All it took was a change in diet!  This just amazes me 🙂  Something else that is note worthy on this topic is the fact that it is day 1 of my period and I wasn’t just dead to the world!

Overall, right now I feel pretty awesome and I am super proud of myself!

Energy- not bad, got stuff done

Mood- up and down- struggled with irritation at points throughout the day

Mental Clarity- Not bad, I don’t feel super foggy

On to another day!  I can’t even express how proud I am of myself for not smoking by the way- just sayin 🙂

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!!  God I pray for strength, courage, and wisdom. Thank you Lord for providing me with such a blessed life.