Hello All,

Today was a pretty good day.  I noticed that I had more energy today than I have been having- awesome!  I was still up and down with my moods, but, that too seems to be getting better. I started putting my life budget onto an actual schedule and I am feeling pretty good about it 🙂

I started my new class today but it doesn’t officially start until Monday.  I want to get a head start on everything because the classes tend to be pretty time consuming.  I am hoping that by blocking out time for specific stuff I will have more time in general and that I will feel more balanced.  We shall see!

I still have not had a single cigarette and I am super proud of that!  The urge to light one up was super strong when I got home from work because that’s what I have done every single day for quit a long time.  I resisted the urges and plowed through!  I’ve got this!

Overall, I felt pretty good today.  All things considered I am doing great!  With the stress of the Whole30, meal planning, working, budgeting, cooking, starting a new class, and my car issues, I am surprised I have not had a meltdown yet!

Energy- good

Mood- up and down

Mental Clarity- pretty good

What did I eat today: some whole pickles, a few grapes, some leftover beef curry stuff, orange glazed chicken with cauliflower and sweet potato, and I think that’s it- Oh and my bulletproof coffee this morning without any sweetener.

As always! FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!!  God thank you for the blessings you have given me.