say goodbye to day 5!

I am excited to share that it is the end of day 5!!!  Today I had some real struggles with not smoking.  Not that I haven’t been having a hard time with the whole thing, but, today had some moments of “fuck it, just give me one”.  I did not succumb to the desire!  I am a badass 🙂

Overall, I had a pretty good day.  I was running around trying to get shit done and I had the energy to do it.  I didn’t just put things off until tomorrow.  I was satisfied with my energy levels.  My mood was good most of the day.  In the morning when I got to work I was a bit edgy but that passed.

For dinner I sauteed some chicken in coconut oil and ghee.  I seasoned it with ground mustard, salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, cayenne, fresh lime juice, and little bit of ground ginger.  It was tasty!  I used the same pan to saute up some colorful carrots, fresh green beans, and swiss chard.  It was a take on last nights dinner- last nights was a bigger hit with the boyfriend.  I do feel more comfortable with coming home and whipping something up even with all of these new ingredients.  The veggies and meats are pretty much the easiest parts.  The coconut flours, arrowroot, tapioca flour, and all the other stuff I had never used before is what is difficult.

I feel like I am not getting as much stuff done as I need to in all of the different categories of my life, but, I am working on it 🙂  My life budget seems to be helping thus far.  I am noticing that it is difficult for me to actually sit and do one task for a designated period of time.  I find myself wanting to get up and do something else and come back to my task.  I am finding that I get more work done when I set time lengths on my different tasks.  I will continue to experiment with this.

Energy- Better than good but not great

Mood- good

Mental clarity- good- I don’t recall feeling like I was in a huge fog

Tomorrow will be here before I know it!  One more day down 25 more to go!  

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!  Lord I ask for the energy and mental clarity to succeed in all of the areas of my life.