Hello All,

What a freaking day!  I felt like shit all day.  I was over the top tired, foggy, lethargic, and just plain out of it.  I went to work but got the go ahead to go home at about 1:45pm.  I hopped in my GMC Terrain and started her up.  Oh no, I heard some sort of weird noise that just didn’t sound right.  I work right next to the Cadillac dealership that just replaced my transmission last week.  Oh, did I mention that my car is a 2010!  Nothing but problems with this thing!  The dealership couldn’t hear the sound but decided to keep it overnight.  They did not have a loaner vehicle for me this time so instead I was chauffeured over to the local Enterprise car rental.  Cadillac will only pay for a tiny little car and I have a HUGE accessory appointment tomorrow.  So, I am springing the extra for an SUV.  What kind of SUV did I end up with?  The Chevy version of my car!  The same color and all.  I finally made it home but did not get to rest because I am super stressed over the whole car thing.

My class started yesterday and I have not made any progress on this weeks assignments- at least I have blocked out most of the day on Thursday and Friday for this very reason.

With all of the stuff going on right now I am surprised I have not cracked and had a smoke.  I am holding strong still!  I think part of the reason I felt like shit today is because I am detoxing and this time around from cigarettes too.

Overall, today was a difficult day and I wanted to smoke really, really, really badly- but, I did NOT!  I am super tired and ready for bed.  I am feeling a bit run down with all of the stress, but, I am chugging along.

Energy- shit

Mood- stressed but otherwise not bad

Mental clarity- shit

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!  God I pray that you show me the path I need to go down.  Thank you Father for the life you have provided me.