Hello All!

Yesterday was my 30th birthday!  I can’t believe I am actually 30 years old now.  I don’t feel old by any means, but, I do feel like I am officially an adult now.  It’s kind of an interesting feeling.  Almost like in our 20’s we are still viewed as children.

As for my Whole30, it is going great.  I haven’t had a single cigarette, drink, or cheat.  I am very proud of myself 🙂  I haven’t had the draw to go outside with my boyfriend while he smokes either.  I have had bacon cured with honey a couple of times but I think I am okay with that.  I had a bit of salsa verde last night and tonight that had xanthan gum in it, however, according to the Whole30 website it is not expressly forbidden 🙂  I made an executive call on both the bacon and the salsa.

Last night I had a wonderful family dinner for my birthday.  My future in-laws got me a food saver!  I am super excited about my new addition to my kitchen gadgets.  My future brother and sister-in-law got me Whole30 approved “bread” cubes, apricot jam, a fabulous book about spices, and some locally made coffee beans.  My mom also sent me an Amazon gift card that I used to purchase some paleo cookbooks 🙂  My sister also sent me a Target gift card!!  I don’t know what I’m going to get with that one, but, I am sure its going to be something awesome and just for me!

I woke up this morning and realized that I hadn’t taken my medications 4 hours earlier.  This was the first time I took my pills so late and I think it messed with my day.

Energy- up and down but not bad

Mood- good

Mental clarity- up and down but major fog most of the day

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!  Thank you Father for such a wonderfully blessed life.