Hello All,

It’s been 2 weeks!!!  I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks already!  I’m half way there 🙂

My advice thus far:

Drink lots of water to flush everything out- especially the first week

Try to only buy what you are going to be able to eat before it goes bad

Use good spices- it does make a difference

Don’t try to remake your favorite foods into Whole30 approved foods- it just leaves you disappointed

Bulletproof coffee is the best thing ever!  1 tbl ghee, 2 tbl coconut oil, a few dashes of cinnamon, all mixed together in a small blender with hot coffee.

Read the labels on EVERYTHING!!!!

Try new things 🙂

I got a new spice book for my birthday from my boyfriends brother and wife.  I am in love with this book!  Last night I made Chinese 5 spice and I used that fabulous stuff on some chicken breast and veggies- amazing!  Tonight I made some bezor and slapped that right onto more chicken and veggies.  I am going to need to make some beef soon to change it up.

Today was a difficult day emotionally.  I got “the” phone call from my dr telling me that the scary injections they ordered for me have arrived and we are now ready to schedule the shit fest week of treatment.  Day 1 of the shit fest is blood work and and 1 muscular injection into my thigh.  Day 2 is the second muscular injection into my other thigh.  Day 3 is a radioactive iodine pill that will make my insides glow like a Christmas tree.  Day 4 I don’t have to do anything but let the radiation course through my veins.  Day 5 I go back to the hospital for my full body scan which consists of me laying in a machine for 2 hours.  I really hope the radiation is a low enough dose like the dr says and it wont make me sick like the last time I took it.  Last time I did not do the injections, so, to tell you the truth I am terrified of them injecting some scary shit into my muscles.

Overall, I will get this shit done and I will make it out of it.  I’ve got this!  This is why I am healthifying my body as much as I possibly can before all of the cancer shit starts.

Energy- not bad

Mood- emotional

Mental clarity- not terrible

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!  Lord please give me peace with everything.