Hello All!

So, today I have been super tired and then irritable and then moderate energy and then irritable!  I must be PMS’ing 😦  I ate Chipotle in Seattle yesterday and I looked at everything I ate on their website to verify that there wasn’t anything I couldn’t have.  There must have been some sugar in there or something because I became super lethargic after eating it and it rolled over into the 1st half of today.  I felt pretty good after about 4 pm but at about 7 pm I started getting grumpy.  What am I super irritated about right now?  I worked most of the day on a fabulous dinner and my boyfriend is eating trail mix instead because he doesn’t like it 😦  It’s not his fault that he doesn’t like it and to give him credit he did eat about half of it until I finally said “if you don’t like it than don’t eat it.”  He was trying so hard to not hurt my feelings, but, I really wish he would just say “hey, I don’t like this.  I’m sorry.”  No matter how many times I tell him that he is still the sweet man I fell in love with and he cares more about my feelings than anything.

I do have a confession… I ate some Olivia’s bread cubes today.  They are wheat, gluten, dairy, etc…, free.  However, their is one ingredient in there that is debatable on being an approved food- sorghum flour.  I did some reading on it and the reviews go both ways.  But, I read about it after I ate it- the first issue.  The second issue is that I don’t think that it’s Whole30 approved even if it’s Paleo approved because it was in the form of “bread” cubes.  I am still proud of myself and I don’t feel like I have to start over.  I say that because in the Whole30 book It Starts with Food states that if you eat one thing that isn’t on plan than our bodies have to detox all over again.

I have found that these last 2 days have been difficult because I find myself wanting to allow myself Paleo approved foods that aren’t Whole30 approved foods- like honey.  I would like to say at the end of this that I completed the entire 30 days without a single thing that’s not on plan, but, as of right now I know that I have had some bacon cured with honey, Chipotle that I think had sugar, some salsa that had additives such as xanthan gum, and of course, the “bread”cubes.  Where any of those things worth not being 100% on plan?  Probably not.  However, the Chipotle was delicious and I needed to eat- that’s what I told myself and what I am still telling myself.

The first 14 days were difficult with the not smoking and no drinking wine.  Now the difficult part it the eating I think.  I think that’s because I am either PMS’ing or I’m about to start PMS’ing.  We shall see.  However, I did just take my birth control pill and I am not due to start PMS’ing until next week.

Yesterday was a super fun day though.  We went up to Seattle and I got to go to the World Spice Merchants shop on the waterfront behind Pike Place.  I bought so many new spices and spice blends!  I am super excited about that!  I got the book from my brother and sister in-laws and I got super excited when I found out that the author owns a spice shop in Seattle!!!  We also stopped at Pike Place and I got a really crazy looking head of what the guy said is cauliflower lol It’s pointy and neon green!  When I cook that guy I’ll take some pictures 🙂  I also got to go to Ann Sacks to look at some ceramic and natural stones for a class I’m taking.

Energy- all over the place, mostly tired

Mood- all over the place

Mental clarity- low

I do feel like I have been forgetting important things lately and for extended periods of time- I need to get that in check!

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!  Dear Heavenly Father, You are so amazing and I am so blessed.  Thank you Father.