Hello All,

I cannot believe that it has already been 17 days!  I am really doing well 🙂

I have stuck to it and I have not had a single smoke!  Oh I’ve wanted to partake in that sinful, stress relieving, goodness!  But, I haven’t!  I am super proud of myself for that.

Today I have been over the top tired.  I really am not sure what is causing my lack of energy.  Maybe it’s from my possibly non Paleo food choices the other day and I’m just re-detoxing?  Who can say really.  That’s why I am tracking everything and why I am considering this to be an experiment.  I am hoping that after a long enough time and enough tracking I will be able to really know my own body.  I want to know what the best fuel for my own body is.  I think I have actually reached a point in life that I am doing this for my health not how small and trim my body will be.  I’ve been super fit, over weight, and everything in between.  Now I just want to be healthy.

I think it is time to start utilizing my list making capabilities again.  I seem to be spread a bit thin with everything going on in my life at the moment and that equals me forgetting to do lots of different things in my personal life, school life, and work life.  I don’t like that feeling and I need to get a grip on it while it’s still manageable.  Wish me luck 🙂 Now I need to remember what I forgot and what I need to put on my remember to do list LOL 🙂

Energy- really low

Mood- not terrible but points of irrational irritation

Mental Clarity- not great but I was able to manage- has been better by far

For dinner I tried my new spice, Harissa, and it was amazing!!  My boyfriend has even noticed how much richer everything tastes and how many wonderful layers of flavor there are.  I am excited to try all of my new spices!  Last nights was Kashmiri Curry.

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!  Thank you Lord for the life You have given me.  I am so thankful for who I am, where I am, and who I love.