Hello All,

I am going to keep this one short- I am super tired.  Yesterday I actually called out of work because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open- literally!  Those of you thyroid carrying, natural hormone making, regular tired people out there are probably saying “What, she called into work for being too tired?  That’s ridiculous!”  Well, let me tell you something, when you don’t have a thyroid and your levels are too low there is no “quick fix”.  Coffee won’t even touch the thought of being tired much less the reality of being tired.  There is no caffeine, vitamin, or supplement of any kind that will fix the problem.

On the low thyroid hormone note, I have noticed that my thyroid hormone seems to be low.  Since the beginning of my Whole30 I have noticed that I am not feeling any better, but, instead quite the opposite.  With everyday that goes by I am not feeling any better and this week I have noticed that I am just overly exhausted.  I started to think this Whole30 business sees to be messing me up- maybe I should just start eating wheat and grains again.  I have not jump off the wagon!  I did, however, recall something this morning on the way to work.  I am part of a thyroid cancer support group online and one of the guys in the group brought up the effects of nicotine and thyroid hormones.  I did my own research and found a bit of information that said nicotine can raise thyroid hormone levels.  This could explain what is going on!  I think what has happened is that when I was smoking the nicotine was raising my thyroid hormone levels.  So, I felt fine and balanced.  When I stopped smoking the nicotine was working its way out of my system and at the same time my thyroid hormones were lowing as a result.  Now the nicotine is out of my system and I feel like shit.  Don’t get me wrong, I know this sounds like a load of shit but it’s the best explanation I have!  I am going to the Dr tomorrow to do some blood tests.  I will keep you posted!  I will mention that I have also had other symptoms of low thyroid levels- brittle hair, dryer skin, memory loss, tired, menstrual spotting, as well any other symptoms I may be forgetting.

Energy- shit

Mood- up and down

Mental clarity- low

As Always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!  Lord I thank you for the love and life you have provided me.