Hello All,

Part of me can’t believe that it’s already the 23rd, however, the biggest part of me feels like it has been 3x that long!  This month has been such an eye opening experience.  I have held strong and strict to the program- way to go me!  I have learned that I don’t need to smoke, I don’t miss drinking all that much (sometimes it would be nice), I don’t miss sugar as much as I thought I would, even if there isn’t sugar in something doesn’t mean that there isn’t something sweet in there like honey, and I have learned that the way I have been living my life since my thyroid removal about 1 year ago has made my body not as receptive to my thyroid medications, so, now that I am eating all natural I don’t need as much of my medication.  I spoke with the nurse today and confirmed that my blood work shows that my thyroid levels are too high making me hyperthyroid.  I never knew that being hyper could and will make me tired.  I really hope this is the fix to what’s going on.  The nurse explained to me that my meds are making me hyperthyroid now and that means that my body inside is working overtime.  This explains why I have been having issues with anxiety because my heart is working overtime also.  With everything inside of me working harder than it needs too I am extremely tired.  I sure hope this is what is going on because starting tomorrow I am lowering my meds 20% and if it’s not the cause than I am going to be in a world of hurt 😦  All I can do is put it in God’s hands and give this a go.

Other than feeling super tired and not so good I am going strong and doing the best I can 🙂  My boyfriend and I had our special in home date night dinner, which was amazing!  Broiled grass fed steak, lobster tail, crab legs, lemon butter, and sauteed green beans!  It sounds over the top and crazy but that’s the whole point of it for us.  A couple times a month we use the money we would have used for eating out and we eat in fancy pants style!

I am nearing the end of my Whole30 and I have a lot of changes going on with my body.  The changes I am talking about are not just losing weight.  I mean emotional, physical, and mental.  I feel like I need to continue at least the Paleo life until I get everything evened out.  I scheduled the radiation for the last week of Feb so I have to start a low iodine diet on the 11th.  The LID isn’t very different than Paleo eating- I’ll get into more detail later 🙂

Energy- low

Mood- irritable

Mental clarity- up and down

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!  Lord I pray that lowing my medication is the answer.  Thank you Father.