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February 2015

Low Iodine Diet

Hello All,

I have officially started the LID in preparation for the radiation.  The LID (low iodine diet) isn’t that difficult for me.  I feel like that is because I started eating Paleo the 1st of December and then in January I did the Whole30.  Both of which are very strict diets and the included foods are also what’s included in the LID.  The main difference is that I have to lower the amount of iodine I consume for a period of time.


lid 2 LID 1

There are obvious differences, but, all in all, they are equally as strict and that sure helps the mental side of things 🙂

I did eat some homemade iodine free popcorn- not as amazing as the popcorn B is eating right now LOL

I don’t have a shit ton to report at the moment other than I weighed in today and I have lost a total of 21 LBS 🙂 Fucking RockStar!

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!  Lord give me strength to endure the stress and looming fear.  This is out of my control and I pray that You help me find a way to allow myself to hand it all over to You.


I am such a BADASS!

Hello All,

I am so proud to say that I jumped right back on that Paleo wagon today!  It’s one day but it’s still ONE whole day!  And guess what…  I even went on a walk today AND I went to warm yoga 🙂  This is why I am such a badass!

I went to the grocery today and got a bunch of grass fed meat and my plan is to use my food saver and freeze that shit!  I still have yet to try out the thing because I don’t know how to use it.  I need to YouTube it- YouTube can teach us anything.

On to another day!  Let’s kick ass!!

As Always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!  Thank you Lord.


Hello All,

Time for confessions!  For whatever reason I have had very little to no willpower!  Yesterday I set out a pumpkin pie to just throw out.  Well, after I had a glass or 2 of wine I started eating it straight out of the pie dish!  What did I do today?  I had all of the best intentions in the world to start fresh today.  That did not happen.  Instead I worked on my homework all day with the idea of going to yoga in my mind.  Well, when B (my boyfriend) got home from his adventures he brought up the idea of getting some takeout Mexican food for dinner.  I wasn’t even really hungry.  At first I said no but then I let his dejected response get to me and I gave in.  That sounds like I put up some sort of a fight, but, in reality I actually gave in pretty fast.  Now, I am wishing that I hadn’t given in and I am feeling like a heffer.  I am really beginning to see and understand that food really is emotional for me.  When I eat well I feel better about myself and the longer I do it the less I desire the bad shit.  When I eat the shitty stuff I feel disappointed in myself, fat, sluggish, tired, a bit down.  It is obvious to see that eating good= happy and healthy, while, eating bad = depressed and unhealthy.  If only it were that easy to do.  The last 2 months were so easy to stick to in comparison to falling off the wagon and having to start all over.  It has now been a week of me struggling to wrap my head around getting back on track.  I need to get it out of my head that I can have all the freedom I want until the LID starts on the 11th.  As I type right now I still have the idea stuck in my head.

Other things I have noticed since my fattastic leap into the fat farm:

Severe irritation

pissing out of my ass- 😦

Feeling super fat

Feeling disappointed in myself

The last 3 on the list probably are the cause of the severe irritation- and my period isn’t helping.

Day 1 back on Paleo!

Hello All!

I am happy to say that today was a 100% Paleo day!  After 5 days of either totally non-paleo eats or partial.  I need to stick it out and just stay strict paleo until my medication has a chance to even out.  I feel like if I change too many things- like eating like shit- I won’t know how I am reacting to changing the dosage of medication.

How do I feel since my back swimming adventure in wheat, dairy, and just all around non-paleo eats?  Like shit, that’s how!  Not that I felt great before that, but, the McDonalds cheeseburgers aren’t helping the situation.  I need to give my body some time to heal.  Starting on the 11th I have to start the Low Iodine Diet- no choice there.  I have a little devil in my head that keeps telling me that I can have some non-paleo fun between now and then, but, what does this gain me?  Nothing!  On the other hand if I charge up my body with nutrient rich foods between now and then then the LID will be easier and and I will be that much healthier for the radiation.

My plan at the end of January for February 1st was to start my movement challenge.  The movement challenge is just that, a challenge to move more everyday and to add specific exercises a few times a week.  I have been so overwhelmed and stressed with everything that has been going on that I just haven’t done it.  So, here’s my plan for this week- Wednesday (tomorrow) take a walk, Thursday yoga, Friday yoga.  Thursday’s and Friday’s are my days off so these will be my main movement days.  At work I will add a few brisk walks here and there.  The nice thing about the LID is that it is very close to the Paleo diet in the fact that it is all natural and nothing processed.  The LID includes some things that Paleo does not, but, that’s simple enough.

Overall, I am getting my ass back on track!  What do I want in the long run: superior health; mental clarity; energy; strength.  How am I going to get there? Continue to eat nutrient rich food to fuel my body and add move movement to my day.  This is where it starts!

Energy- not debilitating but definitely very tired

Mood- not terrible but a little edge

Mental clarity- not terrible but still foggy

1st day of cycle

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!!   Thank you Father, I am so blessed.

Feb 1st!

Hello All,

What have learned about myself these last few days?  Well, I have learned that I do not stick to healthy eating if I don’t have it set in my mind that that is what I am doing.  Without a specific experiment or challenge going on I find that I don’t put any boarders on what I allow myself to eat.  I did “ok” today but I did eat some tater tots.  The question I need to ask myself is what did I get out of eating the tater tots?  Did they fuel my body- not in the right way I’m sure.  Did they give me energy- no.  Did they make me feel better physically- NO!  Did they make my mind sharper- No.  Did they make me feel good about myself- NO!  So, what did they do for me?  They went into my mouth, I tasted the wonderful grease, felt the crispies crunch between my teeth, and I tasted all of the spicy salsa, salty salt, greasy grease, and all of the other crap.  There is not a single thing that I can list that actually benefits me and my body.  To tell you the truth, I don’t even know why I ate them.  I brought lunch and at that point I wasn’t even really hungry.  So, I have also learned that it’s not really hunger that drives my food desires.  When I start to think about a not so good for me food I start to picture it and think about how it tastes.  I really don’t think it’s about fulfilling hunger but more so the act of actually eating it.

Bonus- I am still NOT smoking!!!  Man I am just a BADASS!

Today was ok- not great.

Energy- good until I ate the tater tots and then I fell fast

Mood- not terrible but irritable

Mental clarity- good- not great

As Always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!  Lord thank you for allowing me to have the life I have.

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