Hello All!

I am happy to say that today was a 100% Paleo day!  After 5 days of either totally non-paleo eats or partial.  I need to stick it out and just stay strict paleo until my medication has a chance to even out.  I feel like if I change too many things- like eating like shit- I won’t know how I am reacting to changing the dosage of medication.

How do I feel since my back swimming adventure in wheat, dairy, and just all around non-paleo eats?  Like shit, that’s how!  Not that I felt great before that, but, the McDonalds cheeseburgers aren’t helping the situation.  I need to give my body some time to heal.  Starting on the 11th I have to start the Low Iodine Diet- no choice there.  I have a little devil in my head that keeps telling me that I can have some non-paleo fun between now and then, but, what does this gain me?  Nothing!  On the other hand if I charge up my body with nutrient rich foods between now and then then the LID will be easier and and I will be that much healthier for the radiation.

My plan at the end of January for February 1st was to start my movement challenge.  The movement challenge is just that, a challenge to move more everyday and to add specific exercises a few times a week.  I have been so overwhelmed and stressed with everything that has been going on that I just haven’t done it.  So, here’s my plan for this week- Wednesday (tomorrow) take a walk, Thursday yoga, Friday yoga.  Thursday’s and Friday’s are my days off so these will be my main movement days.  At work I will add a few brisk walks here and there.  The nice thing about the LID is that it is very close to the Paleo diet in the fact that it is all natural and nothing processed.  The LID includes some things that Paleo does not, but, that’s simple enough.

Overall, I am getting my ass back on track!  What do I want in the long run: superior health; mental clarity; energy; strength.  How am I going to get there? Continue to eat nutrient rich food to fuel my body and add move movement to my day.  This is where it starts!

Energy- not debilitating but definitely very tired

Mood- not terrible but a little edge

Mental clarity- not terrible but still foggy

1st day of cycle

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!!   Thank you Father, I am so blessed.