Hello All,

I have officially started the LID in preparation for the radiation.  The LID (low iodine diet) isn’t that difficult for me.  I feel like that is because I started eating Paleo the 1st of December and then in January I did the Whole30.  Both of which are very strict diets and the included foods are also what’s included in the LID.  The main difference is that I have to lower the amount of iodine I consume for a period of time.



lid 2 LID 1

There are obvious differences, but, all in all, they are equally as strict and that sure helps the mental side of things 🙂

I did eat some homemade iodine free popcorn- not as amazing as the popcorn B is eating right now LOL

I don’t have a shit ton to report at the moment other than I weighed in today and I have lost a total of 21 LBS 🙂 Fucking RockStar!

As always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!  Lord give me strength to endure the stress and looming fear.  This is out of my control and I pray that You help me find a way to allow myself to hand it all over to You.