Ok Kids here’s the deal, I don’t even know where to start!  I had been doing soooo well eating Paleo, and then, I told myself “ah, I can take a little “break”.  That little break has turned into an epicly long break- about 9 months to be exact!  I have tossed around hopping back on the wagon, but, have yet to actually accomplish the task.  It has been weighing on my mind heavily lately… and after weighing myself this morning I now know that my mind isn’t the only thing it’s been weighing “heavily” on- MY ASS has seen lighter days and I don’t mean sunshine!  I am back up to where I started!!!  I have sooooo many excuses I use daily that it’s just ridiculous.  I have actually stopped even making excuses and have just “accepted” this shity lifestyle.  NO MORE!

I have some pretty serious observations to document here.  Before I started the paleo gig my hips hurt most of the time, my mind was foggy all the time, I had low energy, my skin was always dry.  I am sure there are more things I could add but It’s been a long time and I have a hard time remembering yesterday, much less a year ago!  When I was eating paleo regularly ALL OF THESE ISSUES WENT AWAY!!!!.  They didn’t go away overnight, but, I remember looking back and thinking “wow, I can’t remember the last time my hips hurt”- that’s HUGE!  What is life like for me now?  Not even remotely close to being paleo, in fact I would consider my eating and lifestyle to be the complete opposite.  Well, I will tell you!  I feel like an old lady that’s how!  My knees hurt, my feet cramp, my hips and lower back hurt, my mind is always foggy, my energy is low, and on and on it goes.  When I get up from sitting for any length of time it actually hurts!!  My body doesn’t want to move!  I’m only 30 people!  I should NOT have this issue.  I should be a young, vivacious, spry woman- instead, I feel like I’m on the verge of needing a walker to get going.  This is just ridiculous!

It is such a catch 22, as they say.  I’m tired because I eat like crap, but, I’m too tired to prep the right foods to fix the problem.  I find myself at the market thinking “what do I buy?”  Like my mind can’t even remember how to cook paleo style.  And then I think about all of the prep work and the work and when am I going to have the time to do it all???  I think I have reached a point in my journey that I just really want to feel better and not hurt all the time.  Looking better is more an afterthought- and let’s be real people, I’m beautiful regardless of what size pants I wear.

What is my plan now?  So, for today, I have decided to take the first step and go grocery shopping!  From there I am going to pull out my fancy ass kitchen shit and clean, prep, and FoodSave everything in the house- well, maybe not everything, the dog doesn’t count 😉