Good Morning Everyone!

Today is day 1!  I am sitting here with my bullet proof coffee thinking about the day ahead.  I almost went for the old fashioned, french vanilla, creamer in a bottle for my coffee… but then I remembered TODAY IS DAY 1!!!  I am very proud to say that yesterday I followed through and I went to the market.  Then I even came home and prep’ed some of the veggies.  WAY TO GO ME!  I was under a time crunch because my day took a bit too long to get get up and running and I was going to an evening church service for Yom Kippur.  We are not Jewish, but, my boyfriends family goes to a church that focuses on the Hebrew Roots.  It was very interesting and fun 🙂 After church I came home and got a chili going in the slow cooker!  I am a RockStar!