I can’t believe it’s the end of day 2 already!!

How did today go?  Well, I definitely have created some serious habits that I refer to as subconscious hand to mouth disease.  This means that I have actually started to put things in my mouth without even realizing that I should not be doing it!  For example, I actually fully poured myself a chemically processed, fake creamer, sugar filled, coffee without even thinking about it!  I caught myself and I did not drink it, but, it really was an eye opening experience.  The fact that I it didn’t hit me until after I had already made it, is just crazy!

Overall, I had a great day.  I was super productive and I got a lot of stuff done!!  Way to go me 🙂  I drank my bullet proof coffee and I ate my buffalo chili and then I even whipped up a quick, simple, paleo, dinner for myself!  Spaghetti squash that I had already in a bowl in the fridge, mixed with salsa, canned chicken, and olives.  Maybe not the best choice but a better choice than fast food!!!

Moving on to day 3!!!