I titled this one 4.5 because I didn’t make it through today being paleo.  The last 4 days have been great!  I made wonderful new foods and lost, as of yesterday morning, 4 lbs.  Now, I know that the 4 lbs. is not all fat and that I can’t expect those kinds of numbers to continue.  It was just nice to see a difference right away!

Now, with all of this good news why did I fall off of the paleo wagon today?  The answer is easy- I was up all night puking my guts out!  I had to call into work today because of it.  I crawled out of bed at 8am and thought hmmm I’m going to weigh myself after all of the nights hoopla- I lost another 3 lbs. over night!  The weight loss is not why I stepped off the wagon for the evening though.  I just didn’t feel good enough to make anything and the easiest thing to do was get pizza- ugh 😦  Let’s hope I hold it down.  I do have a wonderful friend, Tina, who would have made me anything I wanted and brought it over to me, so, there really aren’t any acceptable excuses.

I did spend the day on the sofa watching Netflix chick flicks and then I slept for 6 hours!  Brandon came home after work super worried because he had been texting me for those 6 hours checking on me.  I must have been completely out because I didn’t hear my phone go off and it was right next to me!