Hello All,

What have learned about myself these last few days?  Well, I have learned that I do not stick to healthy eating if I don’t have it set in my mind that that is what I am doing.  Without a specific experiment or challenge going on I find that I don’t put any boarders on what I allow myself to eat.  I did “ok” today but I did eat some tater tots.  The question I need to ask myself is what did I get out of eating the tater tots?  Did they fuel my body- not in the right way I’m sure.  Did they give me energy- no.  Did they make me feel better physically- NO!  Did they make my mind sharper- No.  Did they make me feel good about myself- NO!  So, what did they do for me?  They went into my mouth, I tasted the wonderful grease, felt the crispies crunch between my teeth, and I tasted all of the spicy salsa, salty salt, greasy grease, and all of the other crap.  There is not a single thing that I can list that actually benefits me and my body.  To tell you the truth, I don’t even know why I ate them.  I brought lunch and at that point I wasn’t even really hungry.  So, I have also learned that it’s not really hunger that drives my food desires.  When I start to think about a not so good for me food I start to picture it and think about how it tastes.  I really don’t think it’s about fulfilling hunger but more so the act of actually eating it.

Bonus- I am still NOT smoking!!!  Man I am just a BADASS!

Today was ok- not great.

Energy- good until I ate the tater tots and then I fell fast

Mood- not terrible but irritable

Mental clarity- good- not great

As Always- FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!  Lord thank you for allowing me to have the life I have.