Well, it’s been a few days since I’ve posted.  I made it to the company shindig and had a good time 🙂  I did not eat strictly paleo while there and then when I got home… I ate the leftover pizza that had been in the fridge from when I was sick on Sunday.  Was it worth it?  Hmmm, probably not.

I have stayed true to paleo, um, for the most part.  Yesterday I ate a few pieces of cheese at work and then it was family night Thursday.  I might have had several plates of chips, salsa, and cream cheese.  Now, was that worth it?  Again, probably not, but it was worth it to have a bit of relaxed family time!  Today I ate a few pieces of cheese and that wasn’t worth it.

On another note, my package from Thrive Market arrived yesterday!  It was like Christmas!  I had so much fun opening it 🙂  I even ate a whole bag of banana nut crunch granola and it was sooooo tasty!

Overall, I am doing GREAT on paleo, but, not perfect and that’s ok with me for now 🙂